Radyo Kalusugan launches its own News Website
Radyo Kalusugan launches its own News Website
Radyo Kalugusan offers more extensive news and information to the public with the new powerful website powered and integrated into one by IBS Media

Radyo Kalusugan launches a new more powerful, comprehensive and integrated news portal


Radyo Kalusugan is the first multi platform radio in the Philippines focused on health, news and music with the objective of providing health information available to the public anytime, anywhere in different platforms.


Radyo Kalusugan is a fully independent media station operated by IB Solutions IBS Worldwide Corp. We have a unique and strategic platform that offers seamless transition from citizen journalists, media partners, diverse communities and businesses.


Radyo Kalusugan offers a smart and innovative localized programs that will entertain and educate audiences across all demographics on all platforms. Providing local and diverse communities the access to information and presenting news and issues not covered by commercial or government funded stations.


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